Six Walnuts For Kids
Six Walnuts is a leading brand in the market of botanical protein beverages in China. This product is produced specially for kids. The new package depicts 4 graphs of mischievous kids, which are painted into 4 shinny candy colors. The bottle is matched with a cap that looks like a solid number 6, which enhances consumers’ recognition of the brand and assures that the product is always hygienic and ready to be consumed. Moreover, the bottle can be hanged on kids’ backpacks with the cap functioning as a hook. When the beverage is consumed, the empty container can be matched with a hemispherical pedestal and turn into an entertaining tumbler. The playful appearance aims to attract kids and to stand out from the rest similar products.
六个核桃 智汇乐源
六个核桃 智汇乐源是专为儿童定制的核桃乳饮品,全新的包装4种糖果色罐身对应了4个搞怪而有趣的小孩造型。瓶身配有与品牌符号相一致的套盖(像一个立体的“6”),加上挂钩可以方便孩子们把产品挂在书包上。更为有趣的是,喝完的罐子加上半圆形底座,会变成有趣的不倒翁。我们总是希望产品包装在高颜值外表下拥有无限童趣,并在缤纷多样的饮品包装中显得独特。
CLIENT– 河北养元智汇饮品股份有限公司
DESIGNER– Tigerpan 潘 虎
DESIGNER– Zhonghong Wang 王 忠鸿
ILLUSTRATOR– Hit Joker1(越南)
ASSISTANT– Qian Chi 迟 谦