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Made in Japan日本製 40位不同领域本土设计师,融合日本文化创作

ISBN编号: 9789887774730

语言: 英文

进口书分类: 艺术类

出版时间: 2018.04.01

出版社名称: Victionary

页数: 295版次印次: 1

作者: Victionary开本: 16开

装帧类型: 平装正文语种: 英文

      对于许多人来说,日本制造品质是审美魅力和功能完美结合的代名词。 设计师的意图可以在最细微的细节中找到,但没有一个是过度劳累的,宁愿多余的优雅去过度繁忙。 将传统艺术和哲学与当代设计融合在一起,创造出一种物质和视觉文化,无缝融入家中的生活。 凭借强大的国家认同和专注于设计,难怪他们的创意产品在全世界受到推崇和模仿。 日本制造突出了来自不同领域的超过40个创意人,他们通过他们在平面设计和品牌,插图,包装,时尚,产品和空间设计方面的工作来体现这一设计特色。

Made in Japan

Awe-inspiring graphics from Japan today

When a product is labelled as “Made in Japan”, it is often a promise of quality, and the consistent clarity, order and precision of Japanese designs definitely ensures that the reputation is not exaggerated. Known for their minimalist, clean lines, the iconic styles of Japanese designs are admired and imitated all over the world. Truly standing forefront in the establishment of a national design identity, it is the prime example of culture-meets-design, mixing history, traditional art and philosophy into contemporary designs.

With the spotlight on 40 local creatives behind all sorts of different projects in different fields, Made in Japan spans from brand identities to spatial design to illustrations and more, examining how variety is held together by the influence of a common culture.